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Alaska's First Coastal Recreation Hill Day!

Our brand-new Alaska delegation was able to attend this year's Coastal Recreation Hill Day! Discover how Surfrider Kenai Peninsula connected with policymakers to advocate for cleaner oceans and a healthier environment.

Alaska Makes Waves: Surfrider Kenai Peninsula's Inaugural Journey at Coastal Recreation Hill Day 2024

In a historic moment for coastal advocacy in the Last Frontier, the Kenai Peninsula Surfrider chapter proudly embarked on its first-ever Coastal Recreation Hill Day, held virtually on February 28-29, 2024. As newcomers to the Surfrider family, our chapter seized the opportunity to raise our voices alongside hundreds of passionate activists from across the nation, advocating for the protection of Alaska's breathtaking coastlines.

Elevating Alaska's Coastal Voice

For the first time in our state's history, Alaska took its place on the national stage at Coastal Recreation Hill Day. As members of the Kenai Peninsula Surfrider chapter, we were thrilled to be part of this journey. We embraced the chance to champion causes that are near and dear to our hearts: clean water, healthy beaches, and sustainable coastal management. 

During our virtual meetings with congressional staffers, we spoke from the heart, sharing personal stories alongside scientific data. From tackling plastic pollution to advocating for clean water initiatives, we shed light on the unique challenges facing Alaska's coastal communities. We emphasized the significance of federal funding for the BEACH Act, which supports beach water quality testing and public notification programs nationwide, and highlighted the importance of passing the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act to address the pervasive issue of plastic pollution in our waterways.

Join Us in Making a Difference

As Alaskans, we share a deep connection to our coastal environments. Whether you're a surfer, beachcomber, or just someone who cares about our planet, there's a place for you in the Kenai Peninsula Surfrider chapter. Together, let's make a splash and ensure that Alaska's coastlines remain vibrant, healthy, and accessible to all.


Our Hill Day delegation of four with our coastal Zoom backgrounds

Our first ever Alaska Hill Day delegation, from top left to bottom right: Marcy Melville, Kenai Peninsula Chapter Chair; Liz Schotman, WA Regional Manager; Jen Savage, Plastic Pollution Initiative Senior Manager; Pete Steelquist, WA Policy Manager